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Software Solutions

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The Aviation market is both complex and incredibly dynamic. It is a world in which economy is important but must not be allowed to surpass safety and security in importance. In AviIT, we have recognised these factors and have aimed to create capabilities that address the very heart of current and anticipated client demands.

The Bluebox portable Inflight Entertainment (IFE) solution was borne out of an appreciation that traditional embedded IFE systems are very costly to install and operate. A portable solution that levers the power and economy of consumer off the shelf (COTS) tablet devices creates a very compelling business case in both premium service and ancillary revenue environments. The outstanding growth of the iPad-based Bluebox Ai solution underlines the strength of the proposition. It’s compelling to both passengers and airlines.

There’s a great deal that goes into ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of and aircraft fleet. Our eMan solution provides airlines, fleet operators and maintenance and repair organisations (MRO) with a powerful capability for the effective distribution of the wide range of documentation used in the servicing of aircraft.

We also offer Archimedes, a highly configurable capability for managing and utilising the data stream between airborne and ground based resources. The development of Archimedes was based upon the AviIT expertise in ACARS and similar data transfer systems. All AviIT solutions are backed by our comprehensive support infrastructure ensuring that clients can have full confidence that wherever they are in the world AviIT is there to assist.

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