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In January 2017, AviIT Ltd. and Bluebox Avionics Ltd. combined under a new company - Bluebox Aviation Systems Ltd. Click here to view the announcement

Bluebox has established a leading position in the world of in-flight entertainment (IFE) with both stand-alone portable and wireless streaming solutions. These are available to the market via our Bluebox Avionics joint venture.

Bluebox Ai & Bluebox Hybrid

Bluebox Ai and Bluebox Hybrid are portable iPad-based IFE platforms that appeal to airlines seeking high-quality content in an attractive, portable package. Bluebox also offers airlines a substantial ancillary revenue opportunity and this has led to its early and rapid deployment across the fleets of some of the world’s most progressive carriers. The return on investment is compelling.

Bluebox Ai and Bluebox Hybrid have been approved by the leading Hollywood studios for the delivery of all-important early window content. Bluebox portable solutions also offer TV and audio content as well as books, magazines and a wide range of stunning games - delighting passengers with the Bluebox IFE experience.

Bluebox Hybrid delivers all of the benefits of Bluebox Ai plus the ability to provide early window content in a streaming-enabled cabin that is otherwise only permitted to deliver late window content to passenger owned devices. 

Bluebox wIFE - Fitted Wireless IFE

The Bluebox Wireless IFE (Bluebox wIFE) solution has been created in conjunction with Cobham Aerospace to deliver wireless streaming of content to both airline- and passenger- owned devices throughout the cabin. Passengers can use their own supported portable devices to access the Bluebox streaming content and services. Airlines decide the range of services made available and commercial model for their delivery.

Bluebox Wow - Portable Wireless IFE

The latest addition to the Bluebox portfolio is Bluebox Walk-on wIFE (Bluebox Wow). Bluebox Wow is a lightweight, portable product that can be taken on board fully loaded, fully charged and ready to go. It’s easy to switch between aircraft as needed, and scalable from the smallest business or regional aircraft to the largest cabin deployments by simply utilising multiple Bluebox Wow units - each about the size of the average lunchbox so fit easily into overhead lockers. Despite its remarkably low cost of ownership and ease of deployment, Bluebox Wow delivers a flexible wireless capability supporting streamed video and audio content, games, and digital publications, and combined with our Bluebox Ai or Hybrid platform offer airlines a superior service proposition to premium passengers or generate ancillary revenue from on-board iPad rental.

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