Bespoke Software Design

Bespoke Software Design

Solutions are our business

The quality of our software development capability is underlined by the fact that our systems are deployed globally in a sector that demands only the highest of standards.

AviIT has been developing software products since the early days of our formation. We understand the challenges of creating solutions that meet the highest possible standards from inception and we have a solid track record in managing the complete lifecycle. Software development is not just about writing some code to address a specific need. It’s about designing a capability that meets the current need as well as the anticipated requirements in a way that provides scope to accommodate requirements that have yet to emerge and be understood. The solution must be robust, operate efficiently and allow for expansion, modification and further optimisation. It must also be able to operate on a potentially very dynamic platform without compromise to its ability to be understood and maintained in that ecosystem. In many case, it may also be used by many clients in a number of different ways but also be able to deliver satisfaction to all. AviIT understands and thrives upon these challenges. Our software development capability is tuned to meeting these challenges and the wide deployment of our solutions underlines our success in meeting them. Our software development capability is also brought to bear on the specific requirements of individual clients. This blends our knowledge of the aviation sector with our analytical capabilities to develop solution ideas that are them brought to fruition with the same degree of diligence and attention to lifecycle management as in our own products. We operate a number of design methodologies such as waterfall and agile backed by solid project management, underpinned by PRINCE 2 techniques, to ensure that we are able to deliver high quality products, on time and to budget.

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