Leadership Team

Our Team

David Brown

CEO AviIT & Joint Managing Director Bluebox Avionics

Following almost 25 years in technology development, consultancy and leadership roles, David led an MBO from Newburn Consulting to set up AviIT in 2004. As a Director at Newburn, Dave created its airline sector business, which he grew from nothing to a turnover of over £3m per annum in a few years. With a passion for ensuring the effective application of technology, Dave is a frequent participant in industry events. BSc Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Kevin Clark

Chief Operating Officer & Bluebox Business Development

Having started his professional career in the design of communication systems for military aviation in the mid-80s, Kevin spend some time in the UK public sector before setting up a software business, Inisoft. He sold this in 2011 and joined AviIT in early 2012 with responsibility for commercial operations.

BSc Electronics & Microprocessor Engineering & MBA




James Macrae

Chief Technology Officer AviIT Director Bluebox Avionics

Since joining the newly founded company in 2004, James has made a significant mark on the future direction of the business to become AviIT’s main software visionary and innovator on the Bluebox and eMan software products. James is also a leading expert in ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System) and related avionics technologies. LLB Commercial Law & MSc Information Technology



Chris Thwaites

Service Delivery Manager & AviIT IT Systems Management

Chris joined AviIT in early 2006 and is responsible for product deployment and ongoing customer service. With and unrivalled focus on continuous improvement to ensure that our systems and services are the best they can be, Chris has developed an agile team that has consistently achieved high levels of customer satisfaction.